The Sir Vitál Story

The Sir Vital Story - Natural Grooming, Shaving, and Skin Care Products for Men

WHY Sir Vitál

Men are into grooming too – duh! Borrowing from decades of knowledge about skin and natural ingredient formulation innovated by the experts at Source Vitál Apothecary, Sir Vitál is a skin care and grooming line created just for men. The collection is packed with high performing organic and natural ingredients curated into a streamlined product assortment that is easy to use and always effective. Daily use should never be a burden but an enjoyable experience that creates that sense of ease and confidence that comes from taking care of yourself.

The experience of using Sir Vitál starts with products that smell amazing, thanks to specially chosen essential oils and botanical extracts. No irritating synthetic fragrances or perfumes here. Only fresh, clean and invigorating scents that wake up the mind and nurture the spirit.

Next, the skin will come alive with active formulas designed to keep the skin feeling refreshed, comforted and looking its best. Never drying and no irritations.

Men’s skin goes through a lot. Daily shaving and exposure to environmental elements can take their toll. Sir Vitál looks to restore a sense of balance. Made with nourishing marine algae extracts, natural botanicals like Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Aloe Vera, and 100% pure essential oils, every Sir Vitál product contains high concentrations of safe and natural ingredients.

Cleanse. Shave. Soothe. Condition. Thrive. Tame. Evolve.
Sir Vital Philosophy


Simply put, we want to create high-quality, natural products for men that enhance their daily grooming ritual. But it goes deeper in that we want Sir Vitál to be an experience that connects the skin and body with the mind and spirit.

Creating this holistic connection, through the use of aromatherapy principles and nourishing plant botanicals unlocks a greater acceptance of oneself, the ability to embrace others, and a stronger relationship with the Earth and Sea.

We’ve infused these principles into the logo you’ll see on our products.

Become a Sir Vital Shooting Star

The Star

Be the star you are! Glow with pride. Sir Vitál wants to inspire and support confidence and self-growth with clean and natural products that are easy to use, effective and feel amazing. The star symbolizes the force of energy and light you can bring to your life and those around you.

The Botanical - Respect Our Earth and it's Plant

The Botanical

Because plants provide effective nourishment for our skin and bodies to help us to grow and be strong. Respect and love our Earth and it will return the favor. The botanical also represents the grounding stability you can be during hectic times.

Think Lucky and make your own. The 7 symbolizes luck.

The 7

For luck. To make your own or to open yourself up to the goodness the world has to offer. Associate the positive in your life. Since the earliest of days, in many cultures, the 7 has brought fortune (in many forms) to those who believe.

The Waves - Make Waves and Set Our For Adventure. Respect our seas and oceans, the basis for our formulas.

The Waves

Pays respect to the gifts from the sea that are the origins of our formulas. The oceans are a frontier for adventure and exploration, and most excitingly, The Unknown. Explore the world around you with zest and zeal. Make waves!

The Arrow - upwards and forward. Lead.

The Arrow

The arrow provides strength and keen sense of direction ~ upwards and forward. Lead forward with confidence. Be the archer in your life and lean into success, as success favors the well-groomed. Learn from your history as you go, but don't look back.